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An old magazine published in 1929 called Ukiyo-e Shi.

An old magazine published in 1929 called Ukiyo-e Shi.

This 1929 edition of Ukiyo-e Shi is a valuable piece of history for art enthusiasts. With its original content, readers can gain insight into traditional Japanese woodblock prints and their significance in Japanese culture. The magazine showcases the beauty and intricacy of Ukiyo-e art, making it a must-have for collectors.

Time 192 / Shôwa 4 nen 

Material and technique Japanese paper, W16 cm L23,50 cm.

Magazine written about Ukiyo-e.

This product is an antique. Please enjoy it as a taste rather than a feeling of use.
This is a very valuable Japanese antique book. There are light stains and insect bites. Please be aware of this in advance.

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