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Fukusuke doll piggy bank

Fukusuke doll piggy bank

Product description: The Fukusuke doll piggy bank is a charming and practical addition to any household. With its traditional Japanese design and durable ceramic construction, this piggy bank provides a unique and stylish way to save money. Bring good luck and prosperity into your home with this endearing piggy bank.

Fukusuke dolls are lucky dolls that are believed to bring happiness. A man sitting upright, with a large head and a long hairpiece.
Originally, the doll of the god of fortune, Kano-fukusuke, was popular in Edo from around the first year of the Bunka era. It was enshrined in teahouses and brothels as a wish-fulfilment doll.

Time: showa period (1926-1989)

Material and technology : ceramics / W22cm L22cm H 13cm

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