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antique JIZAIKAGI with a pot-hook / Carved wooden carp.

antique JIZAIKAGI with a pot-hook / Carved wooden carp.

Product description: Crafted with intricate detail, this antique JIZAIKAGI features a pot-hook and a beautifully carved wooden carp. This versatile piece adds both functionality and artistic charm to any home. A must-have for collectors and those seeking to elevate their decor with unique cultural pieces. Old folk tools Self-hanging hooks Yokogi carp Wood carving.Very valuable and rare wooden hearth appliance.

Fish-like shapes are commonly used in the design of antique JIZAIKAGI, such as the carp motif seen here. This practice is rooted in the belief that by honoring fish, which thrive in water, one can protect their hearth, the source of fire. It is also believed that having the fish's mouth facing the entrance invites good fortune.

IRORI : An irori, also known as a traditional Japanese sunken hearth (fireplace), has long been essential for providing heat and cooking meals in Japanese homes.

Time: Valuable antique, Edo period (1603-1867)- Taisho period(1012-1926)

Material and technology : wooden /
a pot-hook : H 23cm B ca 21,50cm T 4,50cm
Wood carved carp : H (middle) ca 16cm B(from mouth to tail)ca 38cm T ca 9cm

This product is antique. It is in good condition and should be used for everyday use.

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