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Coat made of snatched kimono and indigo cloth.

Coat made of snatched kimono and indigo cloth.

This expertly crafted coat combines the elegance of snatched kimono fabric with the durability of indigo cloth. The result is a stunning and sturdy outerwear option that seamlessly blends traditional Japanese design with modern functionality. Stay warm and stylish with this unique coat. 

Coat can be worn both inside and out./ Buttons are ceramic.

indigo dyeing / 'JAPAN BLUE'. The one and only natural blue. The blue of natural indigo dyeing, which is also good for the environment, is a blue of the earth that blends with nature and cannot be expressed using chemical dyes or artificial materials. The appeal of indigo dyeing is not only its beautiful appearance and feel on the skin. Since ancient times, indigo has supported people's lives as a medicinal herb with many beneficial effects. The leaves and seeds have such medicinal properties that they are used as a detoxifier for pufferfish poisoning and as an antipyretic, while indigo-dyed fabrics and clothing have an insect repellent effect that keeps insects and snakes at bay, a warm deodorising and heat-retaining effect that prevents the smell of sweat, and a UV-protection effect that protects the skin. Recently, its antibacterial properties against atopic dermatitis have also attracted considerable attention.Plain indigo dyeing. There are three methods: dyeing the cloth, dyeing the threads and weaving them (weaving technique). There are three types of indigo dyeing: plain dyeing, weaving (weaving technique) and plain dyeing. Weaving is a technique in which a pattern is calculated from the threads. In modern times, most indigo dyeing is done by dyeing the cloth.

shoulder width 51cm

sleeve Length 51cm

cuff 24cm

dress length 120cm

width of a garment 60cm

This product is the only original work in the world that is a handmade remake of old kimono, flags, cloth, (silk, cotton, etc.) by Yumiko Kawatsura. As it uses old cloth, please do not wash it with other clothes when washing. There is a risk of discoloration. Also, please wash gently by hand. We recommend shade drying when drying.

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