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Colourful shirts with unusual samurai nobori no nuno./regardless of gender

Colourful shirts with unusual samurai nobori no nuno./regardless of gender

Discover the perfect blend of vibrant colors and traditional Japanese design with our unique colourful shirts featuring the rare samurai nobori no nuno. Elevate your style with these one-of-a-kind shirts, crafted with expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. Experience the beauty and cultural significance of these unusual shirts today.

Samurai banners/celebratory banners
(Musha Nobori/Iwai Bata)
Samurai banners, also called 'samurai picture banners' or 'Sekku banners', are banners characterised by the use of family crests and powerful warrior figures as designs. They are displayed in gardens to celebrate the birth of a boy and to wish for the healthy growth of the child on the Boys' Festival in May.

Shoulder width 50cm
Chest width 59cm
Length 73cm
Sleeve width 18cm

Cotton cloth

This product is the only original work in the world that is a handmade remake of old kimono, flags, cloth, (silk, cotton, etc.) by Yumiko Kawatsura. As it uses old cloth, please do not wash it with other clothes when washing. There is a risk of discoloration. Also, please wash gently by hand. We recommend shade drying when drying.
Please understand that some stains may occur due to the use of old fabric.

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