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Handmade goodwill made of Japanese celebratory flag fabric.

Handmade goodwill made of Japanese celebratory flag fabric.

Product description: Expertly crafted and designed, this Handmade Goodwill is made from authentic, high-quality Japanese celebratory flag fabric. Showcasing a unique and cultural design, this piece makes for a meaningful and one-of-a-kind addition to any home or gift to a loved one.
IWAIBATA, MUSHANOBORI /Japanese celebratory flag fabric: A 'banner' (nobori) hoisted on the Boys' Festival to celebrate the birth of a boy and to wish him good health and success in life.

Material and technology : cotton/Yumiko's handmade goodwill /W175cm H 137cm

It is made in non-standard lengths with a unique handmade taste.
This fabric is unused. When washing, do not dehydrate strongly.

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