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Product description: Introducing INRÔ and KAZUNONETSUKE, the perfect combination of traditional Japanese art and functionality. Crafted with intricate designs, these handcrafted pieces serve as both an elegant inrô and a practical kazunonetsuke. Keep your belongings secure while adding a touch of sophistication to your outfit.Historical background:
Worn by Japanese elite (bushi), mainly men, as an accessory on the belt. This inrô was used to store tobacco.
The inrô was initially used to store red stamping ink. From the Edo period onwards, it was mainly used to store medicine.

Time: EDO TIME 1603-1868

Material and technology : NURI(lacquer) and RADEN(with shell) technique/

INRÔ H6,50cm W 5cm D 2cm

NETSUKE /Hirsch H4cm W 7cm D 2cm NETSUKE/ glass beads H2cm D 2m

This item is an antique. Please enjoy the taste rather than the intended use.

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