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JÛBAKO / multi-tiered food box 

JÛBAKO / multi-tiered food box 

Product description: The JÛBAKO multi-tiered food box is expertly designed to keep your meals fresh and organized. With its multi-tiered compartments, you can easily store and transport a variety of dishes. Made with durable materials, it's perfect for daily use and is a must-have for any food enthusiast.Jubako is a hare box with two to five layers stacked on top of each other and a lid on the topmost layer. Four-layered boxes are considered official to represent the four seasons.
The shape is generally square. Today, they are mainly used for New Year's osechi dishes and for lunch boxes for cherry-blossom viewing and sports events.

Time: Showa periods(1926-1989)

Material and technology : Lack, wood 4 tiers, with 2 lids

4 tiers(with lid) H 27cm (with out lid) H 25,30cmW 21.20cm T 20cm,

1 tiers H 6cm W 21.20cm T 20cm

This product is antique. It is in good condition and should be used for everyday use.

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