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Kimono Tomesode coat / small pine pattern

Kimono Tomesode coat / small pine pattern

Kimono Tomesode
The tomesode is considered the highest level of formal dress for married women in kimono, comparable to evening wear in Western fashion. Unlike evening wear, however, it can be worn at any time of day. It can also be easily worn with a string, providing an accessible option for those who want to wear a kimono but find it challenging to do so. Additionally, it can function as a beautiful coat when worn as is.

dress length 132cm
Shoulder width 65cm
Sleeve length 46cm
Upper Arm 32cm
cuff 32cm
width of a garment 58cm

This product is the only original work in the world that is a handmade remake of old kimono, flags, cloth, (silk, cotton, etc.) by Yumiko Kawatsura. As it uses old cloth, please do not wash it with other clothes when washing. There is a risk of discoloration. Also, please wash gently by hand. We recommend shade drying when drying.

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