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Mompé trousers made from muslin woven kimono.

Mompé trousers made from muslin woven kimono.

Expertly crafted from muslin woven kimono, these Mompé trousers offer superior style and comfort. The lightweight fabric provides a breathable and luxurious feel, making them perfect for any occasion. Embrace timeless elegance with these high-quality trousers.

Muslin fabricator kimono
Muslin is a plain-woven woollen fabric made from single yarns of
combed wool and other fibres (wool and other fibres that have been combed to leave long fibres, which are then made into yarn). It is also called 'merino' or 'TOCHIRIMEN'.Wool is the most common material, but cotton and cotton materials
are also used. The woollen material is sometimes distinguished as
'hon muslin' and the cotton material as 'cotton muslin'.
Although introduced from abroad, cotton muslin is the most common material in Japan and was used for kimono fabrics and covers for futons.

elastic waist from 66 cm
inseam 33cm
inseam 69cm
elasticated hem width 14cm
thigh width 33cm

This product is the only original work in the world that is a handmade remake of old kimono, flags, cloth, (silk, cotton, etc.) by Yumiko Kawatsura. As it uses old cloth, please do not wash it with other clothes when washing. There is a risk of discoloration. Also, please wash gently by hand. We recommend shade drying when drying.

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