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Old beckoning cat piggy bank with open bottom.

Old beckoning cat piggy bank with open bottom.

Product description: This vintage beckoning cat piggy bank is a unique addition to any collection. The open bottom design allows for easy access to your savings, while the traditional beckoning cat gesture is believed to bring good fortune. Perfect for both decorative and practical purposes.

MANEKINEKO:Ornaments in the shape of a cat inviting people with its paws. It is said to have spread in the late Edo period as a good-luck charm inviting happiness and prosperity to houses, shops and street corners, but its origin is not certain.
Left hand...... called a human beckoning, bringing prosperity in business, good marriage, etc.
Right hand...... brings money and good luck.

Time: Taishô periodos - Showa periods(1912-1926,1926-1989)

Material and technology : Ceramic / W10cm L18,50cm D 8cm

Enjoy the taste of antiquity.

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