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Quality Kimono / grey-YUSHIKIEN

Quality Kimono / grey-YUSHIKIEN

Product description: Elevate your wardrobe with the Quality Kimono in grey by YUSHIKIEN. Constructed with high-quality materials, this kimono offers both style and comfort. Perfect for any occasion, its timeless design and expert craftsmanship make it a must-have for any fashion enthusiast. Elevate your style game with this luxurious kimono.

Material and technology :YUSHIKIEN : It is an original brand, registered and trademarked with authentic technology.Material and technology : High-quality silks

身丈/ Length (of clothing) : The kimono should be about the same length as your height. If it is within 5 cm before or after your height, you can wear it without any difficulty.

身幅/Width of a garment : It will be easier to understand if you choose the one that best suits your system.

裄丈/ Distance from the seam in the back of a kimono to the end of the sleeve : It should be long enough to reach from the centre of the back to the wrist joint.

袖丈/ Height of a sleeve (of traditional Japanese clothing) : As a general rule of thumb, the standard length is about 1/3 of your height, but younger people will have slightly longer lengths and older people will have slightly shorter lengths. Longer sleeve lengths express youth and cuteness.

L: 159cm, W 77cm, D 65cm, H 49cm

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