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SAKIORI handbag/裂き織りハンドバック

SAKIORI handbag/裂き織りハンドバック

Product description: Sakiori weaving is a type of textile from the Edo period in which old cloth is torn into thin strips and woven to be reborn as clothing or daily necessities. This handicraft, performed by farm women weavers during the off-season, was born out of the custom of reusing old cloth, which is not necessarily cheap, and treating things with care by "using it up".
The use of cotton yarns for the warp and split-weave for the weft produces a textile that is strong, warm and becomes softer the more it is used.

裂き織りとは、江戸時代の織物の一種で、古くなった布を細く裂いて織り、衣服や日用品に生まれ変わらせたものである。農閑期に農家の女工たちが行うこの手仕事は、古布という必ずしも安くはないものを再利用し、"使い切る "ことで物を大切に扱う風習から生まれた。

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Material and technology : cotton W31cm H 31cm H(with Hand strap)44cm

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