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Set of three lacquer celebration cups with chrysanthemum crests.

Set of three lacquer celebration cups with chrysanthemum crests.

Product description: Enhance your dining experience with this exquisite antique set of three lacquer celebration cups embellished with delicate chrysanthemum crests. Made from high-quality lacquer, these cups add a touch of elegance to any occasion. Perfect for collectors or those looking to elevate their table setting.

The chrysanthemum crest is a family crest derived from the chrysanthemum flower and chrysanthemum leaf.
Chrysanthemums were believed to ward off evil spirits and preserve longevity.

Time: Showa periods(1926-1989)

Material and technology : Handmade lacquered Sake cup/Meiji Jingu name entry
Large H 3,50cm D 11cm medium H 3cm D 9,50cm small H 2,50cmcm D 8cm

* Do not use metal utensils for painting.
This product is antique. It is in good condition and should be used for everyday use.

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