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Special cloak made from old clothes

Special cloak made from old clothes

This unique cloak is crafted from repurposed materials, giving it a one-of-a-kind appearance. Each cloak is made from carefully selected old clothes, ensuring a creative and sustainable product. Stay warm and stylish while making an eco-friendly statement with our special cloak.

Silk kimono

Length 87 cm
Shoulder width 75 cm

Sleeve length 46 cm
Upper arm 18 cm

Cuffs 15,50 cm

Body width 65cm
String length2m18cm

This product is the only original work of art in the world, handmade and remade from old kimonos, flags and cloth (silk, cotton, etc.) by Yumiko Kawasen. As this item is made from old cloth, please do not wash it together with other clothes when washing. There is a risk of discolouration. Also, please wash gently by hand. When drying, we recommend drying in the shade.

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