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Tie-dye persimmon tannin-dyed tote bag

Tie-dye persimmon tannin-dyed tote bag

Product description: Crafted from natural persimmon tannin dye, this tote bag features a vibrant and unique tie-dye pattern. Made from eco-friendly materials, it's perfect for carrying essentials while making a fashion statement. Enjoy the benefits of sustainability and style in one versatile piece..Handmade by Yumiko, one and only precious bag in the world.

Persimmon tannin is made by collecting persimmons while they are unripe green, crushing and pressing them and allowing the astringent liquid to mature in a cool, dark place for a number of years. When the persimmon is first astringent, it is yellow-green in colour, but as time goes on it turns brown. Persimmon tannin has high waterproofing, antiseptic and insecticide properties and has been used daily in the daily life of the common people since ancient times.

Material and technology : cotton

W47cm H 36cm bottom of a bag 10cm Handle length 16cm

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