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UKIYOE/MEISHOEDOHYAKUKEI /Tsukudamasumiyoshi Festival - Picture Print

UKIYOE/MEISHOEDOHYAKUKEI /Tsukudamasumiyoshi Festival - Picture Print

Product description: Experience the beauty of traditional Japanese art with UKIYOE/MEISHOEDOHYAKUKEI / Sakai no Watashi - Picture Print. Featuring intricate details and vibrant colors, this print captures the essence of Sakai no Watashi and brings it to life. Add a touch of culture and elegance to any room with this stunning piece.

Meisho Edo hyakkei (One hundred Famous Views of Edo), a major work from the last years of Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858).Divided into four sections (spring, summer, autumn, winter), the series of works depicting the true face of Edo as it appears in each of the four seasons shows Hiroshige's deep attachment to the town of Edo, where he was born and raised.

Summer section of the Eight Famous Views of Edo,Tsukudamasumiyoshi Festival This work depicts a scene from a festival at the Sumiyoshi Shrine on Tsukuda Island. The festival took place in June, as the Ujiko flag in the centre of the screen reads 'Sumiyoshi Daimeishin' and 'June, 4th year of Ansei' next to it. At the back of the Ujiko flag is a heroic depiction of a portable shrine being carried into the sea by a group of naked young men. The fresh air of early summer can be felt.

Material and technology : Japanese paper W 26cm L 36,50cm

It is not new and has stains.Please be aware.

This product is individually slightly different. You cannot choose which one will be delivered to you. Please understand.

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