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Product description: Experience the elegance and sophistication of the traditional Japanese writing tool with our antique YATATE. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this YATATE is not just a writing instrument, but a piece of history. Perfect for calligraphy enthusiasts and collectors alike.Yatate is a Japanese travel writing set that has been in use mainly since the Middle Ages. At first sight it resembles a pipe and consists of a case with a brush and a small container for ink, in which silk or cotton is placed to hold the ink.
In the KAMAKURA TIME(1185-1333) cotton and silk began to be used in the ink containers. In the EDO TIME (1603-1868), red copper, an alloy of copper and gold, was also used for the production of yatate, which thus acquired a natural patina over time.

Time: EDO TIME (1603-1868)

Material and technology:metal /H4,5cm (Highest point.) W 19cm D 3cm (outer circle)

This item is an antique. Please enjoy the taste rather than the intended use.

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